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‘Horizon Zero Dawn’: How To Get The Secret Shield Weaver Outfit – All Power Cell Locations

[Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment]

In Horizon Zero Dawn there’s a secret set of armor that will make Aloy practically invincible. A relic of an ancient civilization, the Shield Weaver Outfit will render Aloy totally immune to robot attacks.

To get the Shield Weaver Outfit in #HorizonZeroDawn, you will need to find the 5 Power Cells scattered throughout the game world. When brought to the Ancient Armory from the Sidequest Tab, they unlock the Shield Weaver Outfit. Equipping it awards the trophy ‘Got the Shield-Weaver Outfit.’

How To Find The Shield Weaver Armor And All Power Cells In ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’

[Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment]

The quest for the Shield Weaver Armor starts in the middle of the Embrace (Horizon Zero Dawn‘s starting area). You can find a ruin south of Devil’s Thirst, located near some ruined rusty pylons next to a large rock formation (if you have trouble finding it, just climb a Tallneck to reveal the area map). Climb up the rocks and drop down into a small underground lake, then follow it until you come to a gash in the rock face which leads into an ancient high-tech bunker.

[Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment]

Enter the bunker and you can see the Shield Weaver Armor, but getting it won’t be so simple. The door into the room where the armor is kept is sealed by five locks—three of them functional, two of them not. Aloy will quickly realize that something is needed to reactivate them.

The ‘Ancient Armory’ quest will trigger, and prompt you to find two power cells to open the bunker door. After that set of doors opens you’ll need another three to open the locks on the armor.

Unfortunately the map doesn’t show you the locations of the power cells, but just follow this guide and you’ll soon enjoy the ultimate power of the Shield Weaver Armor.

‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ Guide: How To Find Shield Weaver Power Cell 1

[Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment]
  • Mission Area: Ruins east of Mother’s Watch
  • Quest: Free Roam
  • Location: 1st floor of the map, the violet part at the lower right hand corner.

At the beginning of Horizon Zero Dawn a young Aloy will fall into an ancient, abandoned high-tech underground facility. To find the first power cell, you’ll have to head back there.

When you make your way through the set of bunker doors you had to work out how to unlock as a child, there’s a doorway straight ahead of you blocked by stalactites. Destroy the stalactites with your spear to open up a way into a room with the power cell right in front of you. It’ll have a green diamond hovering above it.

‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ Guide: How To Find Shield Weaver Power Cell 2

[Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Mission Area: All Mother
  • Quest: The Womb of the Mountain
  • Location: Side room right portion of the first floor. Go through the tunnel in the wall to access it.

After The Proving questline in Horizon Zero Dawn, you’ll find yourself in All-Mother Mountain. Collect your things in the large room but don’t follow Teersa to the left. Instead go straight forward towards the locked bunker door, which has a bright red glowing hologram on it. Turn to the left and look down to see a tunnel. Crawl through it to the end and the next power cell will be waiting there.

Note: If you’ve already progressed beyond this quest and missed the power cell, the gates will lock for a significant chunk of the game, making it hard to get until near endgame. However, the gates open at night. Head back late in the day and they should be open!

Alternatively, you can try the following trick to access the Womb again via a glitch:

If you fast travel to the campfire close by, the gates will be closed. But if you run out of the village, down the trail, cross the bridge then turn around and come back, it is possible that the gates will open and allow access. Here’s a video showing the route.

Make sure to take a fast travel pack with you, as the gates may close behind you after you enter.

‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ Guide: How To Find Shield Weaver Power Cell 3

[Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment]
  • Mission Area: Maker’s End
  • Quest: Maker’s End
  • Location: 12th floor of the tower.

The third power cell in Horizon Zero Dawn is found right at the top of the Faro skyscraper. Aloy finds herself there during the ‘Maker’s End’ quest. Climb up to the very top of the tower, to Faro’s office.

Once outside turn around and get up to the platform on the top, because you’re going to have to climb up to the very tip of the skyscraper. There are handholds conveniently placed up the wall so just use them to haul yourself all the way to the top, where the green power cell lies in wait.

‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ Guide: How To Find Shield Weaver Power Cell 4

[Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment]
  • Mission Area: The Grave Hoard
  • Quest: The Grave Hoard
  • Location: 3rd floor after completing the Ring Puzzle. Open the door then finish the puzzle.

Finding the power cell in the Grave Hoard is easy, as the main storyline quest of Horizon Zero Dawn will take Aloy right to it. After you unlock the door with the three sets of locks, it’ll be right there waiting for you.

‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ Guide: How To Find Shield Weaver Power Cell 5

[Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment]
  • Mission Area: GAIA Prime
  • Quest: The Mountain That Fell
  • Location: 3rd floor when you reach the outdoors to rappel. Instead of rappeling, drop off to the left on the rocks to find the cell hidden in the violet area.

During ‘The Mountain That Fell’ quest in Horizon Zero Dawn you’ll need to make your way to Gaia Prime. After witnessing the hologram of Faro talking to the alpha scientists in the boardroom, make your way back down the stairs. Do not rappel down the wire. Instead go to the ledge to the left of it and move towards the edge of the cliff.

A prompt to ‘drop down to the ledge’, should appear and reveal a secret path down to a hidden area. Move towards the left and find the path leading down. Once you reach the ledge, drop down and make your way to the right, jumping up to a higher platform with some medicinal mushrooms on it. You should then find a room lit by a violet light, with the final power cell inside.

‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ Puzzle Solution: How To Unlock The Bunker Doors For The Shield Weaver Armor

You’re just a couple of steps away from unlocking the Shield Weaver Armor, the most powerful equipment in Horizon Zero Dawn. Head back to the ruins and slot two power cells into the broken hologram slots. The holograms will activate, but you’ll need to position them properly to open the door. A display on the right provides the vital clues: 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100, and 0000.

Each lock counts as a clockface, the clues are in 24 Hour time, so you’ll have to match the position of the holographic locks to these times. From right to left move the red section to the following positions: top, right, bottom, left, and top.

‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ Puzzle Solution: How To Unlock The Shield Weaver Armor

[Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment]

Now the best armor in Horizon Zero Dawn is almost yours, but it’s held by five more holographic locks. First enter the three power cells into their slots to see another display with clues pop up on the left. This time it has the following numbers displayed: 90, 270, 360, 450, and 630.

These are codes denoting angles, so you’ll have to turn the red sections (from left to right) to the following positions: right, left, top, right, and left. This should unlock the clamps holding the armor.

Congratulations! The Shield Weaver Armor is now yours! This ancient artifact shields Aloy from damage, but if it takes too much it will flash red and leave you vulnerable. Just start dodging when the armor is in the red and it will recharge itself, rendering you invincible once more! It’s a long mission to get this outfit, but totally worth it.

What do you think of the Shield Weaver Outfit in Horizon Zero Dawn? Does it make the game more fun, or is it too overpowered?

This article originally appeared on video games magazine site The site is no longer online, but I’ve uploaded a few articles from my time as a staff writer there (2016-2017) here as portfolio samples.

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